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A Commercial Photography Package for Online Marketing

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

COVID-19 has hit us all in different ways, and in regards to commercial photography, it has changed the way we all work in specific ways. Previous to COVID times, I would often work collaboratively with a group on "shoot day". Walking around with stakeholders, clients and often videographers, spaces could get crowded. Now, space is limited, places are shut down, online is the new default for communicating just about everything.

From a business point of view, many of my clients have even had to modify their core services and products. This is where opportunities have arisen and now I find a higher demand for online marketing imagery. My clients what to show their customers, via the fastest means possible, that they are still in operation and that they have found new ways to adapt to customer needs.

I have created a specific Commercial Photography package for my local business clients, to help them update their image library. The collection includes 20 images with a license for exclusive online / web use, for the price of $500 (ex GST).

Image files are web sized resolution (72 ppi @ 2048px on the longest edge) and include general global adjustments. Any specific retouching requests will be charged as necessary. Session fee's are subject to the specific requirements of the shoot and necessary travel.

Here is a useful link for knowing what sizes you need for the various social media platforms.

Please contact me for a quote.

Below is an example of the package files.

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